Our Company History:

Tyrol & Wethey began as a General Building Contractor in 1956 by Graham E. Tyrol and Paul Wethey.  Paul Wethey has long left the company and Graham's sons' Brian and Scott joined the business full time in the 1970's.  Scott's son Jeff officially joined the family business full time in 2002, though he had worked for T&W since he was old enough to shovel snow.  Jeff is an extremely talented carpenter, he is a natural.  Jeff is now wearing many hats, working on projects from the inception all they way through the completion. 

As of July 2014, Brian Tyrol retired and they closed the Management Division of Tyrol and Wethey, but the Construction Division will continue on.

Tyrol & Wethey has developed and built several residential areas as well as hundreds of single family custom homes.  In addition to residential development, we have over the years completed a number of retail buildings, a bank branch, a restaurant, church buildings and a championship golf course.

Tyrol & Wethey built the original 259 units at Milestone Commons it was Glastonbury's first residential community. The building of Milestone Commons in 1972 was the start of Tyrol & Wethey in the condominium management field.

Our Philosophy;
Always build with quality material for a building that will last.  Construct homes families can enjoy and build their memories, where both can be passed down through generations. 

Personal attention to each job:
Every detail throughout the project is important to us; from drawing the plans all the way to the final clean up.

Client participation: 
Every client is different in how much they want to be involved.  Clients who want to participate in certain aspects of the project are welcome to do so.  The leval of participation can be discussed in your consultation.